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Funding Trusts with Real Estate and Business or Other Assets

Our estate planning law firm not only drafts revocable living trusts, family trusts, irrevocable trusts, special needs trusts for disabled individuals, and asset protection trusts, but we also advise our clients as to what assets are appropriate (or absolutely inappropriate) to transfer to the trust, and we assist our clients with making transfers and funding trusts. Our law firm routinely performs these services. We work with your CPA, financial planner, and investment broker as needed and upon request.

We prepare deeds for conveying real estate interests to trust. We prepare assignments of limited liability company (LLC) and limited partnership membership interests to trust. We create family limited liability companies and family limited partnerships where appropriate. We draft buy-sell agreements and operating agreements for closely held business interests as needed. We review such documents if they are already in place to make sure that the transfers are done in accordance with the requirements contained in those documents.

Our lawyers have the real estate law and business law experience to accomplish these transfers.

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